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Thank you to everyone who supports us with prayer and financial support.

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Prayer Needs and Ministry Partnership Opportunities

Projects and Visions

We need prayer for the following projects that the Lord has put on our hearts to do. If you feel that you would like to partner with us in any of these areas of ministry we would truly be blessed. You can partner with us through prayer, we also can acept donations of unwanted items,  and finacial support. thank You and God Bless

Independent Film

We realize that these truly are the last days, The Lord has put it on our hearts to make an independant film to reach if possible the world. Time is running out. The Lord is comming back soon and we have limited time before there is no more time left. It is heavy on our hearts to evangelise. It is heavy on our hearts to reach out to tell as many as we can about Christs return. Making it known to as many as possible that the Lord is real. The Lord God does love them and offers them the opportunity to have a relationship with them. And the consequences of not accepting Gods offer. The consequences in this time. This life. And the life to come. The eternal consequenses. And even we as believers face consequenses. To what extent we do not know but the bible says to whom much is given much is expected. If we have been given a messure of faith, we will be giving an account to what level we share our faith that was given to us. Our faith is a gift and one which should definantly not be treated lightly;
Jesus asked Peter who do men say that I AM. and Peter said some say Elijah and some say the Prophet. Jesus said who do you say that I AM and Peter said You are the Messiah! Jesus said blessed are you Simon Barjona because flesh and blood have not revealed this to you but my Father in heaven. Jesus told a parable of talents. Where a wealthy individual distributed a few talents or a some of money to some of his servants before he left town. When he came back two of his servants had increased or invested the some of money and made a return giving it to thier master. The master then blessed each one acordinginly …. but the one who hid or burried his talent…. for “safe keeping” Jesus said the master said take away his talent (coins or money, what was entrusted to him) take it away and give it to those who where faithful, responsible with what I entrusted them with…. but to this wicked servant cast him out into outer darkness.

What does this mean? Does this mean that we can loose our salvation? Well Jesus was emphatic in His parable, all I know is that I dont want to take any chances. the faith that He has given me, the faith He gave Peter, the faith He has given you………is valuable……….more valuable then silver gold or the talents in the parable……….. What are you going to do with the faith He has given you…… You say I cant do anything Im too old, Im too young, to poor, to weak, we can make up excusses but we can do what we can with what we have. With our sphere of influence. With our resources, with our time with our talents, financial talents, and our abilities. This is not a cleverly crafted way to ask for financial support. Gods will, will always come to pass with or without anyones help. Think about this why does the Lords prayer include “Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done”…… is it because God needs our help and without us praying for Gods will to be done it will not come to pass?…… NO…… God said before He destroyed Sodom and Gommorah “should I not reveal this thing which Im about to do Abraham?” ……. God is our Father…….The Lords prayer starts out so  “Our Father”…… He wants our lives to be interactional with Him….. His will, will be done with or without anyones help financial, prayer, or otherwise. But He offers a chance an opportunity for a relationship with Him. To be involved with what He is doing. If you would like to join us. To partner with us, for the truly amazing vision that God has given us then we welcome you. Thank you and God bless
If you would like to financialy support this portion of our ministry you may send a donation through paypal

The Coffee shop

The Lord has given us a vision to open a Christian coffee shop. We already have a location picked out that would be perfect if its the Lords will. The area is in North Park which has a lot of college group that hang out there. The vision that the Lord has given us for this is that the coffee shop would stay open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. It would be a becon and place of refuge for anyone needing a safe secure place to go at anytime. There will be computers with internet access, a recreational area with pool tables a table tennis table, a reading quiet area for study with christian books and resources. In this place we will also hold regular bible studies. This would be a huge opportunity to witness.

Clothing Line

The Lord has blessed us with a few designs for a clothing line. You can view them on our site under the clothing tab on top. Our vision is that our clothing line would get into secular mainstream clothing stores. This would allow us to continue to gain ground with the work and vision God has given us two fold, financialy by generating revenues and more importantly getting the Lords Name on surfers, skaters, surf boards, skate boards, and clothing. That the Name of Yeshua Jesus Christ would be lifted up. Please join us in prayer for this ministry. If you would like support this ministry financially you may make a donation secured through paypal. Even if its a dollar or even a penny. may the Lord Bless you.

Christian Charter School

The Lord has given us a vision to start a charter school in each of our Hostels. The school would offer a certificated program, as the Lord opens the doors we will offer accredited programs as well. The programs emphasis will be on evangelism, escotology, (study of end time prophesy)and most importantly the students will deepen their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for this vision.
Weekly Magazine Secular Circulation
The Lord has blessed us with an exciting vision. We are based in San Diego. The vision is to have at least one Yeshuas House in every major city of the US. In San Diego there is a major secular publication published weekly that reaches all of San Diego. A one page ad costs a little less than a $1,000 dollars. This would require a major commitment for us to continually place a one page ad on a weekly bases. The vision is that we will post a new one full page ad in the Reader every week with new messages and new invitations to receive Christ each week. This will be our church reaching all of San Diego every week, week by week, month by month year by year. Could you imagine the impact that would have on San Diego? In addition the Lord has opened another door for us to have our own Magazine which would have a secular distribution range the same as the Reader.  The start up costs for this would be $3,000. We would after the start up just need advertisers to continue to keep the magazine running. If you would like to join us with this exciting opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ please keep us in prayer.

Open Mic Ministry

The Lord also has put it on our hearts to have our ministry and church to be set up and mirror the ministry which Jesus had. He was a friend of sinners, He would hang out with tax collectors and sinners. Jesus said I have not come for those who are in no need of a physician. If Jesus was here in San Diego starting His ministry He would most likely be in North Park. North Park is the Devils kitchen. There are all sorts of evil in North Park, from the crime to the young girls that sell their bodies for drugs as a means of survival to Neighboring Hillcrest being San Diegos capital for Homosexuality. But Jesus came for such. He made a special visitation for the woman at the well, Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery, neither do I condem you go and sin no more, and Jesus’ feet were washed and anointed by a prostitute. North Park hands down if Jesus was starting His ministry in San Diego He would be in North Park. The Lord has given us a burden in our heart for the young adults and teens that are in North Park, lost and spiritually degenerate searching for peace. Searching not knowing that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords the Prince of Peace can bring peace to their weary hearts. If they would only ask Jesus to be King over their life. We are participating in open mics at the coffee shops in the surrounding areas, in Normal Hieghts Lestats, Filter in North Park, and others. If you would like to join us for this ministry please pray for us that the Lord would give us boldness, that like Elijah who called fire from heaven that fire of the Holy Spirit would fall that we would be bold that it would not be our words but the words of the Holy Spirit. That the Holy Spirit would pierce their hearts and that Spiritual blindness would be broken and fall from their eyes like the scales that fell from Pauls eyes. That their fire and their love for the Lord their Passion and zeal would even exceed ours sevenfold. Pease keep us in prayer in this area because it truly is a area that has major strong holds. We plan on reciting and participating in the open Mic events and afterward blessing the small groups which ussually are about 30 to 40 with pizza and root beer floats and hang out to answer questions that any of them might have and if the Lord wills that we can share the love of Christ and pray with them as well. thank you for your prayer.


The Lord has blessed us with a total of 4 Hostels right now. 3 in North Park and 1 in Lemon Grove. He is opening the door for us to have another one in Del Cerro.  Please keep us in prayer that the Lord would send financial support for this ministry. Also that the Lord who lead a good mix of strong Christians, Strong in their faith and those who are searching who would like to have a relationship with Him as well. That the Holy Spirit would rain and reigh strong in all of the Hostels. That the presence of the Lord would overwhelm every heart and soul that resides and even passes through that this would be the Lords. The 3 Hostels in North Park are in a larger commercial building that would be perfect for us to own. Right now we are leasing the 3 hostels in North Park but we would like to buy the building. the building is for sale.Please pray for us that the Lord would bless us with this building and that it would be a beacon of hope, faith and love. It is on busy university ave. We would like to place a large banner proclaiming the gospel. Also please pray for us to open one hostel in every major city in the US.

Christian book

We also are working on a book. The theme is passion for the Lord. Thank You for keeping us in prayer.

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